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Helped with DUI

I hired Vinny after a very bad decision on July 4th. He was more than helpful, he provided all the information I needed, he kept me at ease (I am a nervous wreck) and he did ALL the work. Not that this was a fun experience going through the US court system but Vinny made it seem comfortable and smooth. He was never late to any of our court dates (actually ALWAYS early if I wanted to talk to him). He always replied to everything I asked. He gave me ALL the information I wanted and needed and in the end he won me the DOL hearing and came to a more than reasonable agreement in my Court Case (dropped to reckless and no jail time). His entire demeanor was enthusiastic, collected, and always happy. His attitude brought me so much peace even when he was telling me my chances were bad. Highly recommended for first time offenders (or second or third not that I will ever be).

– Art

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