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Fighting Traffic Infractions in Washington State

A traffic infraction may seem insignificant to you – you don't face jail because there are civil infractions, but you do face fines that can amount to a few hundred dollars depending on the infraction. Traffic infractions, however, add up. And when they add up, they can lead to more serious consequences than mere fines. 

Washington Common Traffic Infractions & Fines

A traffic infraction occurs whenever a person violates the rules of the road. There are two types:

  1. moving violations; and
  2. non-moving violations.

The most common traffic infractions in Seattle and throughout King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County, and throughout Washington State include:

  • speeding
  • HOV/carpool lane violation
  • disobey road signs
  • failure to stop
  • failure to yield
  • improper lane change
  • improper passing
  • improper u-turns
  • improper yield at a yield sign
  • negligent driving (second degree)
  • driving off the road
  • improper turn.

Traffic infractions are usually cases held at municipal courts or district courts specific to each county – it depends on which law enforcement agency ticketed you.

When you are ticketed for a traffic infraction in Washington State, you are fined for it. Fines vary according to each jurisdiction and you can usually pay online. If you are ticketed in Seattle, the fine may vary for the same violation but in a different jurisdiction, like Pierce County or Snohomish County. In Seattle, fines for traffic infractions can range between $100 and $1,200. 

There are also assessment fees, but these fees are the same across the board. Assessment fees are surcharges that attach to the traffic tickets for the purpose of funding state projects. 

Consequences of Traffic Infraction Accumulation

Washington State doesn't have a point system like so many other states have, but it does record traffic infractions on your permanent driving record. This matters because it can result in license suspension and an increase in auto insurance premiums. 

For example, if you accumulate 6 moving violations in a 12-month period in Seattle, your driver's license can be suspended for 6 months. Qualifications for loss of driving privileges vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Many of these violations are also reported to your auto insurer who will – according to its policies and the terms of your agreement – may raise your premium.

What's also not considered but is just as important (if not more important) is this: if you are required to drive for your employer, certain driving or traffic infractions could affect your job. This won't be the case for most of you, but for some of you, it's worth considering. 

Why Hire Vinny Randhawa to Defend Against Your Traffic Infraction

It may seem as though fighting a traffic infraction is not worth the time in Washington State, but depending on the infraction, your career or career aspirations, and other factors, putting up a fight may be ideal. You don't want to risk your driving privileges.

 Vinny Randhawa, a trusted traffic violation defense attorney based in Seattle but representing clients throughout King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County, understands how traffic infractions can add up and cause you unwanted problems and unnecessary expense. There are ways to fight infractions, and these include things like:

  • emphasizing the lack of evidence;
  • showing the evidence is nothing but hearsay; or
  • highlighting the police report fails to give the elements of the violation.

Even though fighting a traffic infraction is not the same thing as criminal defense, there are still complicated procedures to follow. And winning the case is very possible, especially with an experienced traffic infraction defense attorney. Learn more about the benefits of fighting an infraction and contact the Law Office of Vinny Randhawa by using our online form below or calling us today at (425) 228-2202.

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